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Inexcusable Read ☆ 104 ´ [EPUB] ✵ Inexcusable By Chris Lynch – I am a good guy Keir Sarafian may not know much but he knows himself And the one thing he knows about himself is that he is a good guy A guy who's a devoted son and brother a loyal friend and a reliab I am a good guy Keir Sarafian may not know much but he knows hims[EPUB] Inexcusable By Chris Lynch Tushna I am a good guy Keir Sarafian may not know much but he knows himself And the one thing he knows about himself is that he is a good guy A guy who's a devoted son and brother a loyal friend and a reliab I am a good guy Keir Sarafian may not know much but he knows himself And the one thing he knows about himself is that he.

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Osite of everything he wants to be As Keir recalls the events leading up to his fateful night with Gigi he realizes that the way things look are definitely not the way they really are and that it may be all too easy for a good guy to do something terribly wrong Chris Lynch has written a no holds barred story about truth lies and responsibility a story that every good guy needs to hear..

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InexcusableIs a good guy A guy who's a devoted son and brother a loyal friend and a reliable teammate And maybe most important of all a guy who understands that when a girl says no she means it But that is not what Gigi Boudakian childhood friend and Keir's lifelong love says he is What Gigi says he is seems impossible to KeirIt is something Inexcusable the worst thing he can imagine the very opp.

Inexcusable Read ☆ 104 Chris Lynch is the Printz Honor Award winning author of several highly acclaimed young adult novels including KILL SWITCH ANGRY YOUNG MAN and INEXCUSABLE which was a National Book Award finalist and the recipient of six starred reviews He is also the author of FREEWILL GOLD DUST ICEMAN GYPSY DAVY and SHADOWBOXER all ALA Best Books for Young Adults; EXTREME ELVIN WHITECHURCH and ALL THE.

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  • Steelwhisper

    Inexcusable Read ☆ 104 Inexcusablelots of spoilers in this reviewThis book is what happens between well meant and extremely badly executedI guess the original intent of this dreck was to write a book a

  • Tatiana

    Inexcusable Read ☆ 104 InexcusableI've seen this book recommended as a companion novel to Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak and really the main character of Inexcusable Keir could have easily been IT The novel starts with Keir's friend Gigi screaming at him accusing him of rape I am so sorryWhat are you sorry for Keir Gigi screams again grabbing me by where my lapels would be if I had a jacket on or a shirt or anything She can't get a purchase because I have no clothes and very little fat because I have been good about my health lately She grabs can't grab scratches instead at my chest then slaps me hard across the face first right side then left smack smackSay what you did KeirWhy is Carl coming Why do you have to call Carl GigiSay what you did Keir Admit what you did to meI didn't do anything GigiYes you

  • Lacey Louwagie

    Inexcusable Read ☆ 104 InexcusableI've been wanting to read this book since before it was published It's about a high school boy whose girlfriend accuses him of raping her He doesn't think he's capable of rape and he doesn't think that what happened really was rapeI was hoping that this book woul

  • Ashley Marie

    Inexcusable Read ☆ 104 InexcusableWe read this as part of my Human Sexuality course in college Everyone else seemed to get really into it but I couldn't stand this It came off as a huge rape apology and I won't stand for

  • Emily May

    Inexcusable Read ☆ 104 InexcusableI'm finding it difficult to compile my thoughts on this one On one hand I found it to be a very interesting exploration of an unreliable and unconventional narrator but on the other I just felt like I needed something in order for me to give a higher rating Perhaps it was the shortness of the novel I felt like there was so much that could have been developed

  • Adriana

    Inexcusable Read ☆ 104 InexcusableAfter reading a lot of good reviews from the likes of Hornbook VOYA Kirkus and School Library Journal I thought that this book was going to be amazing but honestly I felt a little let down It's true that hearing the bad guys point of view is refreshing and the book is well written but half the time I just wanted Keir to realize already that he was making up excuses for himself and acting like a total jerk Maybe that was the point but I just didn't feel engaged I think teen readers may also find that there isn't enough substance to really get them to root for Keir and they may not appreciate the uirks of the good writing style I was glad that the book is only 165 pages and I kind of feel bad that I didn't like it but I just think it is over hyped

  • Tanya (Girl Plus Books)

    Inexcusable Read ☆ 104 InexcusableI really disliked this book There's no other way to put it Protagonist Keir is a whiny self indulgent twit who spends 165 pages telling the reader what a good guy he is while chronicling some pretty appalling behavior He is either delusional or a sociopath This is a character who never has any growth or any true self awareness Nor does he seem to suffer any conseue

  • Drew

    Inexcusable Read ☆ 104 Inexcusable2 12 stars Look I liked the theme behind this book Lynch delivered an important message that should be heard by many people especially college aged young men But when the only strong thing was the idea the author was trying to convey and the actual story the plot and characters were weak and uninteresting how could I give it a higher ratingYou might already have an idea of what this book is about and if you've read the summary on Goodreads it's easily guessable Still I'm going to issue a SPOILER ALERT since the synopsis never directly states itThis book deals with rape which is always a tough subject Our unreliable narrator Keir

  • Luke

    Inexcusable Read ☆ 104 InexcusableThis was not exactly a good bookI tried to read it for uite awhile thirty pages or soway than I should have given it The main character Keir is having a fight with his girlfriend because he supposedly did something wrong and he doesn't remember The book rambles on for about two hundred pages or so I have been led to believe from the first thirty and then gives a horrible ending I was too curious I would never recommend this

  • Sarah

    Inexcusable Read ☆ 104 InexcusableHigh school senior and football kicker Keir Sarafian brings the term unreliable narrator to a whole new level His complete refusal to take responsibility for anything he does is beyond creepy He denies reality and insists on viewing himself as a good guy or a guy with good intentions or a guy who couldn't possibly have done the things people say he's done including crippling a rival school's football player getting so drunk with his teammates he destroys a beloved town statue hazing the soccer team in an especially cruel manner and raping the girl he's in love with The amazing thing is you believe his version of events at first or at least you believe that HE believes it and you even feel sorry for him on many occasions He's popular but doesn't have a single friend His older sisters don't